Free Wish Cloud Rainbow Coloring Page Printable for everyone from Bright Bookworms

Here's a free printable coloring page

“My Magical Cloud, Imagination Time”!

(8.5x11 JPG)

We highly recommend printing with cardstock! 

With thicker printer cardstock you will have a wider variety of mediums to color with! 
So instead of using thin printer paper with crayons, you'll be able to bring your coloring pages to life and develop your skills as an artist! You'll have a big variety of choices to work with like tempera non-toxic paints, watercolors, color pencils, pastels, markers and so more!

Our favorite top-quality brand is Hammermill cardstock! We use it for creating artwork and printing coloring pages - and everything else! 

You can also download this free gif graphic and share it online!